TMB's Kronis + Alger collaborate with Los Angeles City College's Leslie Ferreira to create this new multi-disciplinary work based on the life of Andy Warhol.

The Odyssey Theatre Ensemble's Student Outreach Program, THE ODDS, and the Los Angeles City College Theatre Academy presented the world premiere of a multi-disciplinary performance piece that takes as its subject the biographical life of Andy Warhol and the intersection of the counterculture, art world, and social and cultural shifts in the 60s through the 1980s. Tina Kronis and Leslie Ferreira direct Untitled Warhol Project. After it's world premiere in Nov of 2012, the production was selected to the Kennedy Center Region VIII American College Theatre Festival. It will be remounted at Los Angeles City College Feb 12 and 13 before playing the festival at Los Angles Theatre Works in L.A.

Untitled Warhol Project is a docu-collage that chronicles the life of Andy Warhol, an immigrant son determined to achieve worldwide recognition at any cost, and documents the collision of the counterculture and the art world.   From this convergence explodes a narrative of America and its relationship to fame and celebrity beginning in post-World War II idyll and stretching through the 1960s and '70s gay disco culture to the celebrity-soaked world of the 1980s.   The Untitled Warhol Project crosses the boundaries of several disciplines and seeks to create a nonlinear, three-dimensional poem that evokes many disparate forms and genres--cabaret, documentary, fashion show, movement theater, interview, art project--all scored with the music of the Velvet Underground, 1970s disco, and Polish-Czechoslovakian folk music.

ENSEMBLE: Dan Button, Helena Brennan, James Egan, Magnolia Cabada, Carl Garcia, Sarah Fontenot, Aron Lewis, Fey Kaufmann, Jesse Myers, Rylin Knox, Natasha Landes, Wes Myers, Gabrielle Lamb, Mark Vail, Bridgit King, Anika Norrgard

           Los Angeles City College

WHEN: Feb 12 + 13 @ 7:15pm