Theatre Movement Bazaar is a company dedicated to creating original performance works with an emphasis on physical action. We merge elements of dance, text, cinema, and media from diverse sources into a complex performance. We investigate these elements, modifying or neutralizing them, de-contextualizing them from their sources. Liberated from their contexts, our elements are free to be structured in new and surprising ways, creating a connotative network of echoed and reverberant meanings. In this multifarious approach, we strive to reinvigorate theatre for a contemporary audience.

TMB began in New York City as a collaboration between choreographer/director/performer Tina Kronis, and mechanical engineer/writer, Richard Alger. In 1999, the company relocated its base to Los Angeles, became a non-profit 501c(3) corporation, and has produced eleven original works, garnering critical attention, presenting its work across the US and in the UK.

The company’s board of directors are:
Alex Abbene, Richard Alger, Judi Jemison,
Tina Kronis, Jon Ng, Dermot Petty, Rod Porter
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